a postcard from pa

by jerome wincek & the old hats

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remixes of some tracks from the "love is a martyr" sessions.


released March 11, 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: an image of herself
right above the hollow, where the farmer's daughter goes to be alone
and read her books on better times and brighter days

she gets these thoughts that seem inspired. on the one hand, well, they are. but on ther other
what inspired them is nothing short of folly or a dream.

she waits for the world to realize it isn't right.
she shouts in the forest but it doesn't make a sound.
she sits alone and casts an image of herself.

the sun grows warm and she gets tired, now a blanket on a rock provides
a cushion from reality just soft enough to rest.

the smell of horse hooves from the binding on her wisdom draws a cloud of scavengers
who don't deserve to, but feed upon her folly as she dreams.

she waits...
Track Name: the coyote
i am what you made me. the way that i am is the way that you made me
completely because of the way that you are.

it's never been easy, but never been easier. never been easy,
but never you mind that i'm going too far.

i know you don't care. i don't mind. i don't want to be there when you find,
i don't want you to find what you're leaving behind.

life is better by far. it's far better than life was before you believed
you'd be leaving a legacy greater than mine.

but the joke's on you, all on you.
joke's on you.

stole fire from the sun and you burnt me right there.
in time i was fine, so no worse for the wear.
but never forget someone gives what you get
and it's starting to add up to something obscene.
from the smell of your waste you could say i've developed the taste
for the dirty, the rotten, the stolen, the fat, and the lean.

but the joke's on you...
Track Name: lies like lipstick
she wears her lies like lipstick
making everything that she says shine.
she's all dressed up like an old trick.
why spend dollars when she goes for dimes?

betty's on a roll, she's got nowhere left to go
and her car ran out of gas miles back.
it's lonely in the cold, but i heard she went and sold
her sweater for a heart attack.

she wears...

had a funny feeling in my mind that she'd been stealing
so i left a dollar in a stack.
didn't have to count the pennies. by tonight there weren't any
and i found her lying on her back.

Track Name: love is a martyr
the babies and mother all wait in the car
while dad takes a detour and drinks at the bar.
she might have been lonely, but now she don't care.
he's usually quiet when he drives home impaired.

she used to get angry and they used to fight
but she knows she can't keep this up every night.
the paycheck ain't much and he sucks in what's left
of what used to be love and a lifetime of debt.

love is patient, love is kind, love is a martyr.
love will give until it's all gone without a word.
but when it's gone don't even bother
to hope for something more.

now last call is all curdled up in his gut
and he finds his purpose in making abrupt
interjections to no one but those who might hear
and those who might hear also had too much beer.

the whole building shook when his head hit the door.
it trembled again when he crashed on the porch.
his car would have broken his fall years before
but nothing and no one were there anymore.

love is patient...

i still believe you were perfect in every way.

it lulls you to sleep then it bites like a rattlesnake
the deeper the teeth sink, the better the dreaming.
make up some excuse to get angry then fire away.
it binds you to me then it cuts like a razor blade.
Track Name: by now
if you don't know me by now you'll never know me.
you'll never see me for who i want to be.
if you don't don't want me by now you'll never want me.
you'll never see through the problems to the need.

now i've had one too many beers to write a love song
so tonight i'm singing goodbye and god bless.
i've had one too many beers to say i'm sorry.
so goodbye, god bless.

if you don't trust me by now you'll never trust me.
you'll never see me for who i want to be.
if you don't love me by now you'll never love me.
you'll never see through the problems to the need.

now, i've had one too many...