The Revelator Part 1

by jerome wincek & the old hats

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This album is an eschatological exploration of epic magnitude...


released January 10, 2010

Jerome Wincek did everything this time, excepting the artwork, in which he was aided by God's Holy Word and Janeil Todhunter. Much thanks to you for listening, and to my family and friends for their wisdom and support.



all rights reserved
Track Name: So The Lady
Came home from work to find the lights were out.
a million people just disappeared.
You're all alone and he's not coming home,
and things just started getting weird.

Best come with me to the hills til the dust blows off,
I got some homemade wine and a barrel of shine.

I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a bullet maker.

So, the lady goes. The lady knows, the lady, oh, the lady.

I've been expecting this for years.
No one saw the warnings scrawled,
the warnings scrawled with blood and tears.

Now it's here and everybody's scared.
But I ain't scared cause I'm prepared.
I've been expecting this for years.

You said that God was dead, can't get that to leave my head.
Track Name: Almost Heaven
they tore off through the twilight that night
the radio rang through the air.
political country has been interrupted
the message is coming through clear.

we don't know where they've gone, but they're missing
we don't know where they've gone, but they're not here
we don't know where they've gone but we're looking
we don't know where they've gone, they just disappeared.

he was thinking about how he'd break it to her what was happening then
she was wondering what the hell happened and where she was going with him.

he said, don't be scared, but for some reason heaven didn't want you
i'm not there, too, for reasons that we won't get into.
where we're going in the hills they can't get to us
out there we'll be safe. he was serious.

she said, oh my god, where's my husband? i took a vow that said until death do us part.
where's the justice in leaving me here with a man who's gone mad in his car going nowhere?
Track Name: When Trouble Comes
they got back to the shack, it was darker than dark
they could barely see to find a place to park
the headlights were covered in tar and mud.

it wasn't much above ground at least
but the terror left by the scarlet beast
gave him the strength to dig deep in the hillside.

just in case
i made a place to hide when trouble shows its face.

he had a television, well thank god, she said
i can watch the late news and go to bed
the remote control had long ago gone dead.

she walked herself right over and turned it on
she stood amazed at what she saw
the world was in a state of martial law.

just in case...
Track Name: Underground
don't you touch that, he exclaimed
and she jumped back, stood straight and met his gaze
he said, it's just another way for them to get you.

he turned it off and moved a clock
exposed a tunnel carved in solid rock.
he took her hand and had her walk
downstairs for minutes in the dark.

in the underground
look at what i've found
i'm not the only man around.

until another world has pity
we've built the perfect city.

we're going down
to the underground.

she couldn't take it all this craziness was going to her head
she couldn't speak because she had no words to say.
she couldn't stand she felt that she'd been taken down beyond the dead
she couldn't hold herself together, no not after this day.

up top the helicopters hovered herding men like cattle
up top the evil doers did men in in evil battles.

if you go with me, then i believe
you know it's comin' in the same way that i do.
if you go with me, i know you see
the final book of the good book's comin' true.

we'll make it here for a thousand years.
Track Name: Another Sun
all the good men have gone
and so the good times took off, too.
now it won't be long until those left strong
will wipe out every trace of love.

it's just a matter of time until the left behind
will wipe out every trace of life.
it's just a matter of moments til the left unchosen
will have to choose.

beyond the realm of a god that kills
there we will pray for kindness still.
until our souls are fed their fill
our souls will pray for kindness still.

now in some ways you should thank me
see, i saved you from heaven and hell.
but my asylum's not for everyone, you know
so you be happy, happy, happy for yourself.

when our children run and play under another sun
maybe then well be o.k.
when there's hope enough for everyone
that will be a brighter day.

beyond the realm...
Track Name: The Evil Hootenanny
Satan can kick up his heels for real he ain't got no more souls to steal.

No one's going to sleep tonight
the moon is full the mood is right.
Cannon fire exploding bright
no one goes without a fight.

Fact is Scratch has felt the rub we're too bad for Beelzebub.

The Beast is beaten
word on the streets is
no one cares to stop the bleeding.