The Revelator Part 2

by jerome wincek & the old hats

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Part second of our end times escapade.


released January 26, 2010

Written, performed and recorded by Jerome Wincek in January of 2010 in his dining room. Thanks be to God. And family. And friends.



all rights reserved
Track Name: She Prayed
Her thoughts were scattered, but she found the one that mattered.
The power above had held her hypnotized
and led her deaf and blind into disaster of the gravest kind.

He had said that it would be alright.

Now she prayed that the earth would crack and crumble down like rain.

What if, oh, the radio had not been on?
What would she know if the television set were gone?
Chances are she'd have held to hope til the crack of dawn,
but dawn was hours from now and she had no way out.
Track Name: With God Like Enoch
She couldn't help but cry.
Her life was just a riddle.
Why did she have to stay behind
while her husband got to walk with God like Enoch?

and Elijah?

and for that matter, Jesus... and everyone that knew him, too?

There was never enough time
to think about the little thoughts.
It was always a rough ride
and this is how it ended up.

Over and over she went over everything over and over again.
Older and older she looked older everything older and older again.

She couldn't help but cry...
Track Name: You Can't Go Back
When the night was young you looked younger still.
But your eyes have changed in one night
hiding here beneath this hill.

You can't go back. You should know that
there's nothing left up there but sorrow.
You can't go back. You should know that
our sun could cease to shine upon our moon tomorrow.
It could be that soon.

I came here so many years ago.
Tried to run from the god of mammon. Oh,
I found he was everywhere. That left me with such a scare
that I dug for years to find a place of safety for the human race, so

You can't...

In the morning they think they can wash it,
they think they can wash it all away.
If they wake up they will make up
reasons why that can't explain.
They're going to fall with the best of men.

You can't...
Track Name: To The Fraction
Knowledge is power.

At the center of our city
lies a garden and a building.
Not a building that acts as a physical shelter, Mother's Love,
but more like a temple. We use it to channel the thoughts of the world above.

We act accordingly. Everything you see

Is a reflection, to the fraction,
of the opposite reaction.

We know that the world of men has reached it's bitter end.

And we act accordingly...

Wait now for the dawn to watch the fall of Babylon.
This peaceful army strong has plans for living when she's gone.

And we act...
Track Name: Where It Leads You
She'd said take it where it leads you.
She'd said nothing else is true.
She'd said drop it if it leaves you,
leaves you living in the blue.

But in the light of all that happened now
she saw her thoughts had been inadequate.
If only off by a little bit,
still it left her here like this.

They said her world had ended.
Said there was nothing she could do.
Said that the god she had befriended
was a god with a massive point to prove.

And seeing now that it went the way it did
she cursed her god with the words she knew he hated.
She cursed her god with everything she had,
with what he left her with.

She'd said...

Blue as the fire of oxygen,
he remembered when it wasn't so,
so hard to be a dissident,
indifferent to the ebb and flow.
Track Name: The Serpent And The Moon
If God is the source of all virtue
and His servants are the salt of the earth,
then the serpent is the source of the untrue
who makes men into weapons of war.

The serpent is the source of the power chain
that turns men into quantified work.
The serpent is the source of the attitude
that you are who existence is for.

The serpent strives to sanitize the germ of thought that sanctifies.
The serpent strikes the worldly wise to work for good in human eyes.

God gave us the key to the bottomless pit.
The underground, the reprobate, have set the date.
If they don't die above tonight, tomorrow we will make it right.
The warheads they would turn on us, we'll fire and blow the moon to dust.

The weapons they have fashioned with murder in their hearts,
if they don't fire them all tonight, tomorrow we will make it right.

The serpent strives...

In the morning we will know the after thoughts, the afterglow,
the way the ways of men have brought them to their earthly end.
The final break of dawn will show the final length that we will go to,
the final strength with which we'll shove to tangle with the powers above.

The serpent strives...