The Revelator Part 3

by jerome wincek & the old hats

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released February 2, 2010



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Track Name: She Thought To Run
What about that shotgun, sir? She said when she revived.
We won't need that down here my dear was his reply.
Ain't nobody down here who's got half a mind to kill.
Ain't nobody down here thinks a brother's better lyin' still.

Now she looked scared. She'd seen men like this in movie.
Men like this die unprepared. Men like this make women like her scared.

She thought to run back through the tunnel to the shack to get the gun.

Now she's gonna walk away, he could see it in her eyes.
Now he had a choice to make, a choice of do or die.
In the open world up there a poison hangs upon the air.
If she goes back now it's fair to say the underground has had its day.

She thought to run...
Track Name: Into Thine Hands
Into thine hands I commit my soul.
Father, I have lost my way.
Please leave the power of darkness cold.

So, Father, wash me clean. Take me back from where I've been.
Oh, Father, take me in. Purge me from this doubt and sin.

Though earthly trials may try and break me,
through my resolve I'll remain unshaken.

Where others fall away, they fail to see the light of day,
my god and I will stand in judgment of the world hand in hand.

Won't it be bliss! Incompatible wishes
are blended together in sweet harmony.
Won't it be heaven! All the goodness that I can imagine
is waiting for me.

So, Father...
Track Name: By The Light Of The Morning Star
Each step grew more like a slither
the tunnel brought her to all fours.
What brought her nigh from hither
right now she couldn't say for sure.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes
Like a prophet rising from the grave.
She had seen Abbadon at its baddest
now she needed bullets to be saved.

Down below they lit the holy fire.
Up above mankind pursues desire.

Like a...

Back at the shack she grabbed the keys,
struck a match but couldn't see far,
grabbed a gun and got in the truck car
seeing at last by the light of the morning star.
Track Name: Dawn Is Approaching
Dawn is approaching. Bats are returning
carrying smells of burning in their tiny little hairs.
Men are amassing at the city's center
channeling their hopes for worlds without war.

Energy focused, the hunger of locusts
the wisdom of man is the strength of the gods.
Without men who would carry out deeds of injustice
the gods of indecency don't stand a chance.
Without men to open the bottomless pit
the bottomless pit is a powerless myth.
The power of everything rests on the backs
of the men who would carry out deeds of another.


All we are we give to this.
grant us now our final wish.
Mother save us from our brothers.

Track Name: Home In The Hill
It was hard to drive for the bodies that lined the open road.
She realized it was suicide to try and make it home.
The bodies stunk like burning like a flash of heat had singed the world.
The smell had mellowed in the hollow but it grew the farther she'd go.

Her home in the hill had been tranquil.
Her home on the hill had been peaceful still.
The woods and the road started getting ugly quickly
with all that mankind has designed.

She was stupefied and her sense of pride in her race diminished.
They had sacrificed every human life in their race to finish.
The irony to her it seemed was to her it seemed that no one lived.
Is power over nothing really something one would kill to win.

Her home...

Last one home shut out the lights, she turned around.
Ain't no sense stayin' up here when it's healthy underground.
Well maybe it's not the healthiest of situations there
but it sure beats me breathing in this radiation air.

Her home...

Her luck was the worst of luck. The tunnel carved in solid rock
the man had dug behind the clock had crumbled down and sealed up.
She shot the clock with the gun then shot the rock and shot again.
A bullet nicked her in the ear and finally she collapsed in tears.
Track Name: The God Who Kills
It's long past dawn and every thought that man would think above is gone.
But we are strong and we have hopes to carry on and move along.

A disparity of polarity, a twist and a jerk and we're off with a lurch.
A disparity of polarity taking us to our eternity.

She would not herself believe it. Would that she had not but seen it.
Oh, that she would live to speak it. Oh, that she had not but seen it.

It's long past dawn...

In a final act of brazen aggression mankind taught their mother a lesson.
They crawled in her womb, sealed it off like a tomb,
shot her out into space for the good of their race.

But the moon stood still and the earth seemed to groan.
The god who kills is seated on his throne.